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Website vs. Social Media: Why Your Business Needs a Website

social media vs website

February 4, 2019

Whether it’s a smart business plan or marketing strategy, businesses need a lot to succeed. Embracing technology is incredibly important.

That’s right. You should have contact with the online world. And a website is the way to go.

64% of small businesses obtained a website in 2018. This year, 94% of those businesses will make their websites mobile friendly. In this modern age, forgoing a presence on the world wide web could stunt your growth. A continual absence affects your profits as well.

If there is one thing that your business needs, it’s a website. Read here to learn why you need a business website.

Customer Expectation

78% of consumers own a cell phone that operates like a computer. These smartphones allow people to access everything — bank accounts and online shopping.

So the expectation is that every business should have a way for customers to access them online.

There’s only so much information you can put on product packaging. That leaves consumers searching for ways to get more information. How do they do this? Online content.

Because of information technology, customers look to websites first. In a Taylor Nelson Sofres survey, 52% of respondents said they go straight to company’s webpage for product info. They do for branded business content as well.

Your products, social content, and contact information should be readily available online. Don’t lose out on locking down current customers and securing new ones.

A Business Website Offers More ROI

ROI measures how much return you get on investment compared to its costs. Websites versus traditional marketing techniques win out.

Businesses spend thousands, sometimes millions, on brochures and paper mailings. The goal is to maintain current customers by wooing them and attract new business.

The cost of a simple WordPress site starts at zero dollars. You can position your products online to reach thousands of customers for less than a bundle of coupons.

That’s more ding for your dollars and access to prospective clients.

Buyer Influence

Nowadays almost anything influences buyer decisions. Online reviews have the greatest impact. People listen to what other customers have to say.

Dimensional Research found that 90% of average buyers buy based on online reviews.

Online review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Amazon are great ways for businesses to get recognized online. Consumers from all over the world offer their opinions and criticisms. It’s a way to find out how products and services measure up.

Having a website means you can control the dialogue. By simply adding an FAQ page to your site, you can discuss product topics and consult with customers online.

A website allows buyers to influence other customers about your products.

24-Hour Access

The good news about the internet is it never closes. And by being a part of it, you give consumers 24-hour access to your products and services.

While brick and mortar business shuts down at regular operating hours, websites work around the clock. So when the competition closes, clients can still buy from you seven days a week.

Your availability never ends. Just make sure you have an after-hours support member accessible for assistance.

Global Footprint

If you ever considered taking your business global but didn’t know where to start, build a website. Having a website gives you a global presence.

Being a part of the world wide web puts you on the global map. Your business will get the opportunity to cater to countries around the world. That’s mean more exposure and potentially more wealth.

Millennial Support

Millennials may not run the world, but they definitely own technology. Millennials and Generation Y individuals have the heaviest internet usage.

That means younger adults (25-34) prefer shopping online over visiting the actual store. Having an online website means you get to attract the support of the largest internet usage group.

Social Media Isn’t Enough

Billions of people have social media accounts. That’s great but it doesn’t work for you unless it leads back to a website.

Identity matters, especially when you create a presence out on social media. Users want to know who you are and where your product or service comes from. A website does this.

It gives you an online identity-something for users to refer to for authenticity. It also drives social media, as you can post brand content directly from your website to social media.

Sales Increase

Having a well-designed website can increase revenue for your business.

People love content — blogs, images, listicles, and vlogs. Having a blog on your website increases search engine traffic. You’ll get more eyes on your site from good content. More eyes mean more potential sales.

Also, video content on your site’s landing page increases conversion. This results in 44% of customers buying more products after watching informational videos.

Plus, by localizing your website, you can bite into a piece of the $45 trillion dollar pie. Sites that translate into multiple languages have the potential to market to global audiences. More visitors bring in more sales.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

You can’t get an edge on the competition if you’re behind on technological strategies.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo are research tools for consumers. Buyers research their needs before they make purchases. As a matter of fact, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries every second.

If your competitors have websites that are selling products customers are searching for, guess who wins? Creating a website helps you remain competitive. Don’t give online shoppers an easy reason to buy from another brand.

Save Valuable Time

A website offers the added bonus of being able to collect customer details.

Save valuable time by using an online form to collect customer job information. Save even more of your time by having your customer fill out the details.

Now your job details can be accessed anywhere — your office, on the road, or on a job site using your tablet or smartphone.

Are you offering monthly plans? Have an online form ready to easily make a sale by simply having your customer check a box to sign up.

Build a Website

It’s impossible for companies to survive in this century without a business website. The benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

Elevate your level of service and increase your company’s revenue. Build a website that aids both your customers and your company.

Speak with one of our strategy consultants for insight into creating a website that wins.

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