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The 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

common SEO mistakes

Trying to improve the SEO of your business?

Are you making some of the most common SEO mistakes?

If you’ve started working on improving search engine optimization (SEO) for your pool/patio or landscaping business, then you’re on a great path that is well worth the effort it takes. However, website owners who are new to SEO often make a few common mistakes time and time again. It’s crucial that you watch out for these if you’re trying to optimize your site.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll list the 5 most common SEO mistakes you need to make sure you’re avoiding.

1. Using Keywords Incorrectly

One of the biggest SEO mistakes businesses make is not choosing and using the right keywords for site content. You need to be careful that you’re not wasting your time targeting irrelevant keywords on your site and on your blog. Longtail keywords that are clearly related to your business are ideal.

Additionally, even if you choose the right keywords you also need to make sure you’re not overusing them. Be sure that you’re aiming to keep a good keyword ratio. Using keywords in every single sentence on your site and overoptimizing your site may earn you a Google penalty that will make your site plummet in search rankings.

The Solution: Make sure you’re doing plenty of keyword research and that you’re optimizing your site’s content accordingly. However, don’t overdo it either.

2. Forgetting to Post Valuable Content

Many business owners work on improving their site but neglect one of the most important parts of SEO. Don’t forget that you need to create awesome content that you post to your site regularly. The more content you have and the better quality it is, the more opportunities you’ll have to rank in search engines.

Also, don’t make the mistake of posting duplicate content. Using content that is already live on other sites on the web will hurt your site. Additionally, using “content spinners” which simply rearrange the words in existing content are also a no-no and may get your site penalized by Google.

By ensuring that your blog content is completely original, you’ll ensure that SEO is working for you and that your content is getting shown in Google search results.

The Solution: Create a blog and post valuable and lengthy original content to it on a regular schedule.

3. Relying On the Wrong Link Building Tactics

You may also run into trouble with SEO if you’re not taking the right link building efforts but are instead relying on black hat tactics which Google disapproves of. This can mean many things but may include paying for links or getting links on sites that are very low quality.

When it comes to link building, too many website owners focus on quantity rather than quality. Great link building efforts, on the other hand, will focus on quality over quantity. Instead of getting backlinks on spammy directory sites, opt for getting links on authority sites that relate directly to the niche your business is in.

A few great backlinks can be much more valuable for your site than a huge amount of spammy ones, so keep this in mind when planning your link building efforts.

The Solution: When building links focus on quality, not quantity. Aim to connect with sites that are in your niche or related to your industry.

4. Not Prioritizing Speed

Another mistake that business owners make when working on SEO is to ignore the importance of optimizing their site for speed. Uncompressed images, large videos, and a large number of ads can all slow down a site and make it hard to use.

Google and other search engines prioritize the ranking of sites that load quickly for visitors and don’t leave them waiting too long.

Be sure that you’ve optimized all images and content on your site and that you aren’t adding content that will slow your site down and make it hard to use. Additionally, having a great web host can also help you to ensure your site is running smoothly and quickly at all times.

The Solution: Make sure that website content is compressed and optimized and that you have a reliable and fast web host.

5. Ignoring Mobile Users

These days, Google prioritizes the ranking of sites that are extremely easy to use on mobile devices. Mobile optimization is becoming more important than ever.

The best-ranking sites know this and optimize their sites for mobile devices by using a responsive design that will expand and shrink based on the device and screen it is being used on.

By making your site more mobile friendly you’ll catch the attention of more mobile searchers. This is essential, especially for local businesses. People will often search for goods and services on mobile devices while they’re on the go.

Make sure you’re making the most of mobile for your site if you want to ensure it does well in search engines.

The Solution: Make sure that you’re using a mobile-friendly or responsive website design that will look great on mobile devices.

Ready to Eliminate These Common SEO Mistakes?

If you’re trying to improve SEO, it’s crucial that you watch out for these common SEO mistakes and ensure you’re not making them with your site. By following the tips above you’ll be well on your way to having a site that shows up readily in search engine results. 

Ready for professional help with your pool/patio and landscaping SEO? Schedule a strategy consultation to learn more about what we can do for you.

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