Chili Pepper Design is a professional print and website design company located in Annapolis, Maryland.

Chili Pepper Design was established by Pam Haskell in 1988 as a graphic design business (previously known as ComType). Since then the company has developed into a successful website design business as well. By expanding the services that Chili Pepper Design provides to its clients the company continues to grow as we help our clients do the same.

Pam’s work is consistently of the highest quality. Pam works hard to meet deadlines, often juggling multiple projects at once. She is a pleasure to work with.

Donna Gogarty, Senior Manager – Strategy Management at ARINC Managed Services

Chili Pepper Design will help you create and maintain the web presence and advertising essential to today’s competitive environment just as we have done for our other valued clients.

Client Solutions:

Online Registration and Payment. The Ulmstead Swim Team volunteers previously spent the weeks leading up to the start of the season passing around over 170 paper registration forms and collecting checks that needed to be run to the bank. Chili Pepper Design streamlined the process with an online registration form with online payment via PayPal. Now, instead of passing around a stack of forms, the volunteers log onto the site to retrieve a specialized report with the information that is important to them, and all payments are collected by PayPal.